Biden isn't going to save you. Trump isn't going to save you. Jesus isn't going to save you. Its nice to have faith in something to keep you going, but the only person you lack faith in, is yourself. You have been intentionally lied to your entire life, this is lucidly prevalent now. Just like your loved ones, friends, and others are telling you not to get the stab, I'm here telling you and all who believe Biden, Trump or Jesus is going to save you, it's just another lie to humanity. Jesus original teachings before they were hidden, distorted and taken out of the history books, were about you being your own savior. That you are God. That you are the Co-Creator of your reality. Jesus also taught you could heal yourself, if only you believed in you. This is what Jesus taught. This is how you will be saved; By reconnecting with your Higherself, the Godhead within and stepping into your power. This is what your soul has been longing for your entire life. Breathe that in...Can you feel it? You see, the lies humanity have been told are part of their (DS) plan to oppress, subjugate and totally enslave humanity which has spanned nearly 10,000 years. This is to control you and control humanity. By the way, would had never worked if you had faith believed in yourself. That's why you've been distracted your entire life, through entertainment, sports, politics, religion, technology- i.e your phone, etc. The subconscious and minds of humanity have been programmed to think negatively about themselves through TV, Entertainment, education, religion, celebrities and some other very sophisticated methods most are unaware even exist. This is evident form the National Science Foundation. NSF stated in 2005 "We have between 12K-60K thoughts per day, 80% of those thoughts are negative and 95% of our thoughts are from the day before." You see when you think negatively, it puts you in a negative state, or low vibration. You have no power and its extremely difficult to change your circumstances, while being easily controlled and manipulated. I also know this from personal experience. Heaven and hell do not exist, only in your mind. It's to deter, scare and keep you inline. Also to make you feel like a sinner so you will never be good enough and have a negative self image about you. Thus another disempowering method so you will give your power away. This is so wrong! This has been embedded into your subconscious. Because if you ever discovered who you really are, (the Godhead), their plan would have never worked. When you awaken to who you really are, reconnect with your Higherself, remove the veils of delusion and veils of ignorance which have been placed over humanity for millennial, you'll become your own savior. You're a powerful Spiritual Being, with powers and abilities beyond your wildest imagination. Spiritual Warrior, it's time for you to awaken to who you really are. Reclaim your power. Reconnect with the Godhead within. Step fully into your power and use your power to Co-Create the reality you desire. If you don't know who you must put serious intention out to the Universe. Done with such firm intention that you will not take no for answer. That no one, no obstacle, no-thing, will get in your way from discovering who you really are. Then be still, listen to what the Universe is telling you. Learn how to discern the thoughts in your head. If in fact, they are your thoughts or were they planted there? God is always within you, always has been within, always will be. Never without.

Much Love!

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