Focus on What You Want!

If you are worried about what is happening in the world, feeling anxious, fearful, or helpless... INNERSTAND having those feelings/emotions, YOU ARE BRINGING THIS INTO YOUR REALITY AND CREATING YOUR OWN SUFFERING!! BY FOCUSING ONLY THE OUTCOME YOU WANT, IT WILL PUT YOURSELF IN A HIGHER FREQUENCY, #HIGHERVIBRATION, THEN YOU WILL HAVE THE CAPABILITY TO #MANIFEST THE OUTCOME YOU DESIRE. BY DOING SO, YOU ARE BRINGING THE POSITIVE OUTCOME YOU WANT INTO YOUR REALITY. This is part of humanities power. You may not innerstand your power, but I certainly do. STOP PLAYING THE helpless, worried, victim. Become the spiritual Warrior that your soul has been trying to awaken you too. Remove the veils of delusion and the veils of ignorance, crawl out from the pile of lies you have been buried in your entire life, step fully into your power, speak your truth by reconnecting with the #Godhead within. You are a #powerful being. It's your divine nature. Believe in yourself, believe in your power. I do !

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